Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mendi Kandep Highway

This highway is being constructed in the Warakamb Valley. The benefits are numerous but it also brings social challenges. A major awareness campaign is needed to inform the people of the benefits and how they can use the highway for self help projects, market their produce and other cash earning incentives. Also a good time to teach people about hygiene, living healthy lives, going to church, law and order and others such as the importance of education.

Social and health problems such as prostitution, drugs, STD, HIV/AIDs and others diseases need to discussed and people made aware of.

An early observation was that people were becoming lazy and living for the moment, rather than thinking about the future and investing time and resources.

The highway going through the Warakamb Valley

Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Projects urgently needed in Warakamb

Two projects are urgently needed in Warakamb. They are a maternity ward or birthing center for mothers and a water supply for villages in Warakamb. There has been an increase in water bourne diseases and water supply is a must.


Friday, January 23, 2015

No Tribal fighting for 5 years.

Good, No trouble fights last 5 years

Since the last tribal fight 5 years ago, there has been no fighting to date. The last compensation payments are being held and soon, a declaration will be made for an end to tribal fighting and for all to go to church and get baptised.

Peace finally in Warakamb - No tribal wars last 5 years


Bridge needed in Warakamb

Many lives have been lost while crossing flooded Warakamb

A bridge on the Warakamb river is needed between Kaep village and Sol/Kendor village. It will link old waring factions and also reduce the number of people who drown each year while trying to cross the bridge. Once completed, it should be called the unity or Peace bridge to bring peace and prosperity in the valley.

Eastern Part of Warakamb

Villages on the Western side of Warakamb

The Warakamb river where the bridge is needed


This wooden bridge is dangerous and has lead to people drowning.

Goats are breeding like rabbitts in Warakamb

Yes, goats are breeding like rabbits in Warakamb. They eat anything, grow rapidly and can have up to 3 pregnancies a year which can total up to 5 off springs a year. Grass is plentiful due to the high rainfall. The meat is tasty with less fat and healthy. What is needed is proper support and training for the farmers to obtain the goat milk which is very nutritious.

Goats enjoying the lavish green fields of Warakamb

They breed like rabbits & their meat and milk are nutritious.